Sheds & Timber Buildings


On average a standard 8x6 shed can hold up to 15-20 litres of water in the wood upon installation. During the drying out period, timber can leak via the knots and shakes in the wood, this is perfectly normal as the wood is now soaking up moisture due to drying out, this is not a fault. Garden buildings - in heavy, persistent rain are NOT 100% watertight, timber being a porous material after prolonged saturation will start to soak water through the cladding, using a high performance oil-based treatment will help to alleviate the extent of water ingress.

Please bear in mind that timber is a natural product that needs care and maintenance, and is subject to naturally occurring changes, which we have no control over. Temperature and humidity can result in some movement of the timber and the roofing material.

Joiner made doors and windows are silicone sealed, however, heavy rainfall can penetrate after a period of time, no liability can be accepted unless a manufacturer fault is found.

We use standard glass in all of our buildings, we do not guarantee glass.

General care

We use high-grade Redwood from Sweden to clad our buildings. Shrinkage, cracks, splits and falling knots are all natural occurrences, with no liability accepted where this arises. However, a high performance oil-based treatment can help to stop this process. ALL buildings must be re-treated once they have dried out, we do not offer drying out timescales as each building and location can vary. We recommend the use of a high quality oil-based or solvent-based treatment. If water penetration starts to occur, your building is now ready for another coat of treatment. We do not recommend the use of water-based treatments. No liability will be accepted if the incorrect type of treatment is applied to your building. We also recommend that you regularly oil the ironmongery i.e. door and window hinges/handles. Timber being a natural product may warp, we supply 2 turn buttons to secure the door, these must be used when not in operation to help stop doors warping in climate changes.


It is essential that your base is correctly prepared and is solid, flat and level, allowing enough space around the building for installation and maintenance. Bases that are not level can affect the opening of doors/windows or cause the building to twist. All sheds erected upon customers' own bases that are not level will render the guarantee void and no liability will be accepted for buildings erected upon customers' bases under their instruction. It is at the discretion of our experienced fitting team to determine whether or not the base is suitable.

Painted buildings

We take great care when painting your building to achieve the best results and finish. Please be aware that knots can show through the paint, particularly with lighter colours. This is a natural process and cannot be avoided. The timber can be liable to expanding and contracting in certain weather conditions, this is also a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided.